A delicate sweater with a V-neck

Kolor: Popiel perłowy, Różne kolory
Rozmiar: Oversized

Miękkie w dotyku oraz oversizowe swetry zapewnią Wam komfort w noszeniu naturalnej wełny. Letnie „mgiełki” mają na celu otulić właściciela w ciepłe i letnie wieczory, a nasze kardigany oraz swetry mają Was ogrzać jesienną lub zimową porą.


  • Wyprodukowano w Polsce
  • Materiały naturalne
  • Wykonane ręcznie
  • (jaka włóczka)
  • (z jakiego kraju włóczka)
  • (jaka nić)
  • Swoboda, ale i szyk.


Our beautiful jumpers are made with the utmost attention to detail. Soft to the touch and oversized jumpers will give you the comfort of wearing natural wool. Summer “mists” are meant to wrap up the owner on warm summer evenings, while our cardigans and jumpers are meant to warm you up in autumn or winter. All works are made by our founder and designer Ms Magdalena Rumas. The yarns we use to make our jumpers come from France, Italy, Spain and Peru. At Swetromnia.c we take care of the highest quality materials! After many years of searching and checking many yarn compositions, we have chosen the most luxurious ones, such as mohair with silk, alpaca with silk, and mohair with a touch of polyamide. We are well aware that not every yarn with a good composition passes the test of use, which is why we chose alpaca, mohair and angore for the structure and texture of the resulting work. We know very well that fake jumpers from chain shops cannot compete with the quality of Swetromania.c’s work.

Storage and care:

Jumpers should be kept in suitable conditions, i.e. in a dry and moisture-free place. As far as cleaning the product itself is concerned, the “airing” method or gentle hand-washing in cold water will be the most suitable solution.


One of the most important slogans of Swetromania.c is that each piece of Ms Magda’s work is original and unique. The final product may differ from the photo. This is why we offer you the opportunity to personalise your future jumpers. We make jumpers in other colours as well as length. The cut will not change, however, thanks to such consultation we can develop the design of your dream garment!

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